Sunday, 17 September 2017

Back in Blogland

I have been away most of the Summer. A ferry trip, up hills and even in an airplane so short break from blogging.

Have been stitching prayer flags to hang in my garden.

Good to have small pieces to stitch when travelling

A way to use up all the little pieces left from other projects.

No real planning, just gather the right colours together and go for it.

Hand stitching to attach while I was on the move.

Small pieces to be submitted for an EDGE exhibition. More information about dates and times next week.

Once again fingers crossed. The exhibition will be in a local gallery so it would be good to have some work on display.

Four  pieces 20x 20 Beach Diary 1,2,3,4.
Vegetable garden has now been harvested.

Potatoes, beans, peas, carrot and shallots were squeezed into this little plot. I  expected to have a few cabbage and late lettuce but the Peacock ate them before they could mature.

Nice to be back in Blogland. Hope you have enjoyed this post and will look in next week to view what I and the Peacock have been up to.


  1. LOL...the peacock says you grow a yummy garden! Very nice prayer flags. They will brighten everything up when all Mother Nature's colorful flora and fauna are hibernating.

  2. Prayer flags seems like a nice thing to do. Maybe a wonderful project to do with grandchildren, teaching them how to sew.

    Too bad about the peacock eating the garden. The deer do that here.