Sunday, 16 August 2015

A bit of this and that

A little crowing here. Both my books - The Cycle Begins and Lughnasadh have been selected for the EDGE exhibition.

Very pleased as these were worked as I was nursing my husband through a terminal illness.
The power of creativity to keep one going - to find respite for an hour or two - to have ones mind filled with creative dust instead of daily reality.Making these books was my life line.
I wasn`t sure if I could handle rejection but a dear friend made sure I had lovely cups of tea and some wonderful art to view as we waited to call at 2.30.
" Yes both books have been accepted"
Cause for another cuppa and a bun

I have been staying with friends and walking on a West Coast beach.  Different seaweed and a few finds.
Weather was abysmal but it was a chance to explore another coastline.

These pole were along one part of the beach. Always in a line of 3 and draped with seaweed. No sand on this beach all shingle.

Seaweed and some drawings from workbook

Some finds but looking for a small dried starfish and a crab.

 Cabinet painted at last. Was finding the wood colour distracting when items were placed on it. Now have a better idea of overall look.
Tried a variety of paints until I found this one. This is the effect I was looking for, flat white.

On the beach, found the correct size and shape of wood I was looking for. Just need to work out how to make a fabric seagull to stand on it.

I have been visiting beaches for a few week now and have been unable to get drawings or photos of seagulls. Have been told the tide was in, the tide was out, they are nesting, far out at sea feeding. I am taking my camera to the city when I go on Wed as seagulls have gone urban.

Made another bundle of seaweed, wrapped in gauze this time. Boiling up in an old pot specially for this.

 Have brought the first bundle outside as the greenhouse was unbelievably smelly when I came home. This bundle was not boiled, just wrapped at the beach. Think the seaweed may be rotting.
A little peak.

Did not expect this pink colour. Wrapped up again and will leave outside to dry, Really dreadful smell.
This method of marking fabric requires patience.

Was given this card many years ago but still keep it  pinned up.

See you next week


  1. I am so glad you had art during your husbands illness, a place to find a bit of yourself.
    Congratulations on your books being accepted!
    I live a few states from the ocean and there are seagulls here, i find that so odd!
    I liked seeing the pink in the fabric. Your shelf looks wonderful. So nice to enjoy it anew after painting it. Wishing you a lovely week.

  2. Congratulations for your books chosen to be exhibited. They are quite unique and beautiful. I understand completely and first hand how art can save your sanity being a caregiver. Your little cabinet is a gem! Love how you are filling it. I can almost smell the rotting seaweed! LoL

  3. There's a month worth of blogposts in this one, so much have you to show us.
    The cabinet is looking so interesting with all the little pieces nestling inside, and is there something in the little box, I don't think we have been told about the little box. I'm also waiting impatiently to see your tiny seagull.
    The little books look splendid in their cubbyhole.
    Aaaarrrkkk! the pot of seaweed boiling up!!!! it's very smelly from here!
    Thanks for all the great information and fantastic photographs, it's taken three visits to finally make a comment and even then no comment here could do your work justice.