Saturday, 8 August 2015

Meet up

I attended a morning business meeting with I am a founder member of this textile group but have not managed many meetings this year. It was good to meet up. I now know the timetable I need to work to. "Kalamkari at Aberlady" will be opening on Jan16th - 17th Feb 2016. More information nearer the time.
We are a Textile/Mixed Media group who meet up regularly to talk about our work and plan exhibitions. We set up, with encouragement from our City and Guild tutor Sheila Mortlock, about 7/8 years ago. It is a very supportive group, we share ideas and often raid each others stash of bits and bobs. I came home with some tiny shells and fired up to move" Coastlines" on.

Made it to the beach this week, on a very dull but dry day.

Angus Council has, in the last few years, done lots of work ensuring, sand dunes are protected. May not look very bonny, but it appears to be working, some of the special grass is already colonising the area.

I do like how the beach, when the tide has gone out, leaves these ripples on the sand. These had crushed shells deposited in the valley. Nice texture.

Notices were catching my eye.

Thought touches of red would be useful to keep in mind for future piece.

This looked a bit serious and after last week I thought I`d better turn round but a few families and dog walkers were in the area so I crossed over. No one shouted at me.

This metal one must have been washed up by the tide.
Some of these notices might end up in a piece of work. A paper version.

Pollution/Litter. Tide line full of rubbish.

Sand, Shells, Seaweed and now Litter. 1 jar left to fill. Any idea what it will hold? Tell me as I am not sure myself yet.

Took a long piece of fabric with me and  wrapped different species of seaweed in it. Tied it with green rope, I found on the beach. It is all nylon, have not found a natural rope yet.
I have put this in the greenhouse to dry and hope I get some colouring on the fabric. Friend said it looked like a rolled joint of beef. Does beef smell as badly as this?

Really like these shapes. Viewed from different angles. They are called Groynes. Built at right angles to keep   the sand from being washed away and to divert the force of the sea, helping to protect the dunes. Angus Council is working hard on protect the coastline.             

These bolts and screws just say small textile pieces. Not enough hours in the day so file away for future reference.

Not much stitching this week but now have more source material to work with.

A few days ago I walked the cycle path from Bridge of Weir to Kilmacolm. 7 miles round trip. 
These" soldiers" were positioned at the 1/2 mark.
Can you see what they are made from? They did not charge me with their spears and appeared friendly.

Obviously the man in charge. He was positioned on the other side of the track facing his men.
What fun they are.
See you next week.
Bye   Bye.


  1. How amazing are the soldiers! I wonder who put them there.
    I think I would have washed the pollution/litter etc. in a washing machine at 90 degrees before putting it in a (washed) jar, but that's what makes your work wonderfully and very different from mine.
    It's great where you can find your inspiration. I like the suggestion of adding a little bit of red and using some of the words you found.

  2. Hi, this all looks very interesting. You've collected lots of great inspiration,can't wait to see the results.
    Thinking of

  3. such a wonderful mix of photos, experiences and a seaweed wrapped cloth.
    artful details at every glimpse.

  4. What a beautiful post with great photos and inspiration and I am really looking forward to see what the result will be!

  5. Love the soldiers standing guard. A great pop of red amongst the greenery. I feel like I went on this wonderful little stroll with you. I know you're going to turn all your findings into beautiful art,