Saturday, 1 August 2015

Not much happening

Very little work done on" Coastlines". Not managed a beach visit - weather - other things to deal with.
Will be away for a few days so hopefully when I return I will get working again.

Added a map to 3rd book. 

 Made 1st postcard, not quite finished. 

These were drawn on water soluble paper. Did them to take part in Sketchbook and Experiments For Textiles

Stitched paper to organza and stitched over drawing.

Washed paper away. There is always a residue of paper left. A soft toothbrush gets rid of it

Stitched to postcard. Will need to remove blue stitching it is too dark. Trying to finish it in a hurry I should have made a sample to check colour.

Not a lot for a week. Will try to do better, as teachers used to write on report cards, perhaps still do.

The " The Cycle Begins" and" Lughnasadh" are packed up and ready to be judged. 
I will take them to EDGE selection day on Sunday 9th. Fingers crossed they get accepted.
If you are near this gallery do go and view, even if my books are not included.Fingers and toes crossed they do make the selection.

Bye  Bye


  1. i have never heard of water soluble paper, I love what you did with it, so interesting.
    i love feathers and feathers in art and feathers on birds.

    map is a cool addition to the top piece.
    wishing you a wonderful time away.

  2. I'm in awe of how you stitched the feather, how clever is that, and like your map photo, how often do we see the words "gas production" on a textile book?
    Your work is unique.

  3. This water soluble paper looks so interesting an d what a great result! WOW!