Sunday, 11 September 2016

" That was the week that was." from old TV show.

Mega excited. Door went in on Monday.

How cool is this.

Floor down on Tuesday.

A peacock graced the Studio with his presence.

He is a bit scruffy and I could do without him screeching at 6.30 am.

Wednesday, strapping round walls and ceiling and Fibre wrap attached. I will be cosy.

Thursday. The new window knocked through.

and in . All in a few hours. Dave the joiner supervising.

How exciting is that. What a week. I cant stop smiling. It is really beginning to change from a garage into my Studio. 
Perth Open Studios.
1st day forgot my camera. 2nd no battery charge.
Had a lovely visit with Kristine Blackbourn who made my lovely pot. See previous post.

Earrings from Linda  Gillies. They were just so cute and they came in a little fabric bag. What not to like.

Bought a small piece of Liz Dulley`s work. Will post it next week as it was staying in her studio until end of P.O.S.
Lovely visiting other folks studios, picking up hints for storage  as well as viewing makers work.
Finished the week by mentoring  a Y.E. group. Forgot my camera again.
Showed my grandchildren the technique Y.E had been doing. Painted Heat and Bond then ironing onto fabric.

Camera shy.
Joiners table made a great outdoor Studio.
I have not used Heat and Bond before. Leaves a plastic sheen on the fabric. I prefer Bond a Web but grandchildren loved the effect.

Next week Things to think about.
Painter and Electrician coming.
What will I choose for floor covering?
Please look in to view progress.


  1. Oh my goodness, a studio is emerging fast.
    Studio keys!
    A glass door!
    A peacock - I don't believe it, you are living in a magical world.
    A new window - just like that!
    Earrings, little bag adorable.
    One grandchild, one incognito grandchild in outdoor studio IN THE SUN!
    It's a fantasy world over there.

  2. Yay, it is all coming together, wahoo! So very happy for you.
    Plus fun with the grand kids.