Sunday, 25 September 2016

1st stage

1st stage finished

Floor covering and shelving to be added but need to start saving some pennies for 2nd stage.

Beginning to empty the shed. Rediscovering my pens and paints. Still can`t get to the desk.

Embellisher and sewing machine claiming their spaces.

My chair fits, just need to find right place for everything else. So excited about this whole project. My studio. My space.
Working on the garden. Do so miss the wonderful soil in my other garden. Haven`t even seen a single worm here.

Slow work but nearly all my shrub cuttings have found a home.

I think they are all glad to be out of their travelling pots. 5 years from now I might have a shrubbery!!!!

Found time to explore another trail within this wood.

Good to have a cuppa or a snack at the 1/2 way point just not on a Sunday. It is closed.

Interesting fungus.
Very quiet Sunday. Conserving my energy. Rainy, grey, day matches my mood but Monday a friend is coming so will bounce back.
You will have to wait till next week to find out about stitching in a hoop.


  1. How exciting your studio will be! You have a wonderful view from your chair and sewing machine. It looks like you have the main stuff done enough to a start on a little playtime.

  2. It's great to see the studio almost ready. Your embellisher looks as if wants to be plugged in to the nearby socket.
    Your garden is coming along too. You've achieved so much in the short time you have been there.

  3. love your Polypore fungi, beautiful.
    So glad things are coming together for you, so exciting!
    Wishing you so much fun in your studio.