Sunday, 4 September 2016

The make over begins

Friends were staying for a few days and we were gallery visiting. This pot jumped out at me. I thought the shape was so elegant. I made the mistake of saying " if I had the money this is what I would buy."

When they were leaving I was handed a box for a housewarming, birthday and Christmas present.

I love it.

It was made by Kristine Blackbourn. I plan to visit her studio as part of the Perth Open Studios. Would like to talk to her about her Raku technique.
Finding the right place for it  took some time. I have placed it near a small sculpture my daughter made at Art College.

Love this as well.
Garage make over has begun. The door is sold and a couple took 3 hours to dismantle it. Folded it up and packed it onto their roof rack and away it went to a new home.

Trying to visualize how this space will be converted to a long awaited studio.
Chair painting but will finish it tomorrow as light was fading. Really like this colour.

Have managed to unpack some drawings I started for an exhibition next year. Need to get motivated again.

Please look in next week
1 To see which Perth Open Studios I visit.
2 If any more work is done on my studio
3 Will I get motivated to start working again.

1 comment:

  1. your new vase is lovely. so nice to give a gift that one knows the person wants.
    It looks nice with your daughters sculpture.
    Yay a studio in the garage, awesome!