Sunday, 21 February 2016

Endings and Beginnings

Beautiful day, clear blue skies, very cold but sunshine at long last.

Last 2 patches finished. Words added and patches waxed. Ready to be attached to background.

I have painted the background edges, I am not mean with paint but have found just painting the edges allows the top layer to have a better seal.

 Thought I would be able to source locally, the size of canvas artist boards, needed to mount the patches in batches of 3. No luck so will have to buy on line. So much for supporting ones local art shop.
Folks have been asking, " what is faggoting?"
This is the correct way to work the various stitches.

 Nothing like my way. I am working a sample to show treatment of edges, will show you next week.
My piece will use sticks or wrapped cords.

I like to make a rough mock up of my ideas. It helps me to work out proportions and placements etc. The finished piece often has little resemblance to the paper work.
This Coastline piece began with a scrappy doddle in my workbook.

Still tent stitching. 

Almost at the end of the " Findings" and at the beginning of as yet untitled piece.

Look in next week to see if I make it to the beach with my sketchbook. Weather has just been so terrible here.



  1. Love your unique works. I thought of you the other day when I came across a blog by way of Pinterest that had a challenge to make an art piece from found items of Nature. You have a new and interesting way for faggoting your art pieces.

  2. I love seeing all your samples and try-outs. Scrappy doodles are often the best way to see your idea and carry it through.
    Your needlepoint is such a contrast to your "own" artwork. Glad you are enjoying both, why not?

  3. flowers!
    we are far from flowers, the earth freezing at night, 15F at the moment.
    loved seeing how you faggot things. i also was not familiar with that term.
    every thing is looking wonderful.

  4. Thanks for your comments. Will not be blogging for a few weeks. House hunting is taking up all my time and energy. Be back soon Thanks again for all your good remarks and hope your flowers com soon