Saturday, 27 February 2016

House hunting

Just to say I will not be posting for a few weeks. All my energy and time is going into house hunting.
Thanks to everyone who has commented and folks who visit. Will be back soon.



  1. I wish you a home that feels wonderful to you.
    A home that inspires you and gives you energy.
    I wish you a home that offers dreams come true.
    I also know it can be a lot of work. I wish you the best.

  2. Good luck with the house hunting. I know whatever home you find will be a happy, colourful and interesting home.

  3. Thanks for letting us know. I love the little flag streamer. That is so fun. It looks like prayer flags almost. Although I do know that prayer flags are not so ornate as those pieces of fabric. It is really just a square of color and maybe it has a little bit of writing on it. Enjoy the house hunting.

    Julia Stewart @ Daytona Buyers Agent