Sunday, 14 February 2016

Seek and yea shall find

It is found. So happy. I was doubting I could reproduce it.

When I am painting backgrounds, it is all done on instinct. What looks right to my eye what speaks to me. No notes on colours used etc. just grabbing the material which jumps out of the drawer. So very happy to have found it safe and well at Grandchildrens.
These 9 patches began life - if you remember- on a A3 sheet of drawing paper so they had a connection.

Happy, very happy to have it home.

Attach some shells and add writing. 2 patches still to be waxed and they are ready to be mounted.

 New inspiration wall.


This is the last of my seaweed wrapped fabric. It was left in a rock pool.
This will be a long narrow piece of work using an old embroidery technique. Faggoting. If you have used this technique you will realize I am using it My Way. Does that sound like a song?
I have gone  back to looking at fences again. Plan to use sticks to join fabric. Perhaps photos behind.
Lots to think about. At very early stages but next piece of work in the planning.

Plan for next week

1    Source Artist Boards to mount patches.

2    Get to a beach with my sketchbook.

3   Get more paper work done for new piece

4   Oh, and finish off the patches.

Look in next week to view how much I achieve.

BYE     BYE     so happy to have patch returned.   



  1. Oh glad you found it, and it is looking good with its three shells and I look forward to seeing them all mounted and finished.
    Lovely to see your design wall, I like the colours you are using.

  2. Ah, luck is on your side with finding your lost block. The nine patch is looking gorgeous! They are all wonderfully looking and interesting squares. Your new inspiration board looks pretty interesting as well.

  3. sometimes the beach is a hard place to be sketching - when it is cold
    or windy.

    your colors are striking, it will be quite a statement on a wall.