Sunday, 7 February 2016

I year on

I opened the door to blogland and tentatively stepped through, 1 year ago.
I have had fun and the discipline of posting each week got me through some difficult times. The responsibility to post has made me work and keep to deadlines for exhibitions.
I am the first to admit I blog with the minimum of computing expertise. Will 2016 be the year I take on board I need better computing skills. We will see.
In the meantime, Thank you to everyone who has looked in to view what I have been up to. 
There is a number of exhibitions in 2016 I would like to have work accepted for so I better keep working.

Spent yesterday with an art group I attend once a month. We divided our paper into 5/6 pieces, using tape. The idea was to draw with different tools, starting at the same place for each drawing. Interesting timed exercise. Good to try an exercise which takes one out of your comfort zone. Drawing flowers is so not my thing.

Back to the 9 patches. 1 missing trying to locate it at my grandchildren`s home.

3 more finished. Have had a rethink and plan to mount the patches in set of 3, rather than keep together and then try to sell separately.

Now have to find canvas backing in the correct size.

 A day of slight snow in the midst of the wind and rain.

I love the bird patterns and the tractor tyre marks

3rd book in the Field series is still hovering around in the background. 
No birds on the bird table or waiting on the bush. Looked up and this bird was in the tree watching the bird table.

Not large enough to be a buzzard. Sparrow Hawk?
Tried to photograph it in profile.

Look at that beak. Asked it to go and kill field mice and leave my little birds alone. Felt guilty as field mice deserve to live as does the Hawk. Nature sorting itself out.

Plan for next week

1 Find that missing patchwork piece.
2 Finish last one.
3 Source correct size canvas panels.

Please look in next week as I will be starting my 2nd year of blogging.



  1. so you got some snow. tracking, looking at tracks is a favorite thing of mine any season, but snow lets no one pass without evidence.

    love you hawk find too, not sure what type it is.

    fun to consider one square at your grand children's, maybe because i picture you there with your art out. Do you do art with them?

    Happy Anniversary.

  2. Squares look good, my particular favourites are the one with the three dark green sea glass and the one with the three stones. Arranging them in sets of three seems like a good idea.
    Lovely to see the bird tracks in the snow dusting.
    Happy second Blogging Year!